Wild Heart Yoga Tribe

Wild Heart Yoga Tribe, 132 Collins Ave, Edge Hill QLD 4870

Wild Heart Yoga Tribe - your Sanctuary in Edge Hill

We offer a range of styles that promote healing, flexibility, strength & alignment. Our teachers at the Tribe design their classes to cater to the needs of each individual student which allows you to move into your own personal practice tuning you back in to your Mind, Body and Spirit.

Our aim at Wild Heart Yoga Tribe is to take our yoga from inside the studio and send it out into the world with you, whether it be through donating to a wildlife cause, Humanitarian & sustainability projects or simply smiling and saying hi to a stranger. We are all connected and have amazing power to impact our world through love, mindfulness and positivity which is why we have a high focus on community and connection. If your looking to be part of a conscious family then Wild Heart Yoga Tribe is the yoga studio for you.

 With over 40 classes a week to choose from you are sure to find your place in our Tribe. We look forward to meeting you on the mat.

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