Aurora Packer

Wild Heart Yoga Tribe, 132 Collins Ave, Edge Hill QLD 4870
Aurora Packer

I first found yoga in a small gym in East London & I did not like it at all...
After relocating back to Sydney, I found myself needing some deep changes in my life, so again I tried yoga & that’s when my love for yoga began. 

It left me with a real yearning to know more about this way of life, its origins, its history, the philosophy & a deeper understanding of its principles & the magic beyond the physical. This yearning took me to the birthplace of yoga, India, where I completed my first teacher training. 

My journey lead me onto discovering a love and passion for Yin yoga, not only working with the physical releases, but the way in which yin yoga works on a much deeper level.

Yoga offers each of us a journey in which to strengthen the body, calm the mind & awaken the spirit. It awakens our physical, mental, emotional & spiritual potential. It doesn’t allow you to avoid postures you don’t like but makes you to discover yourself. You can’t hide anything in yoga. It’s a self-study. It’ very personal. It is both strength & softness. It is returning home to you.